So I really appreciated that space and looking back on freshman year so many of my, really the best memories from Amherst come from these ASA events. To reserve a space, please log in and use the "Reservations" menu to navigate to the appropriate space that you would like to reserve. Getting out of our comfort zones physically in that regard, helped us to get out of our comfort zones mentally and emotionally as well. Diego (12:45):but, but also you can start to develop professional connections cause they know people in their industries that they can give you, they can put you in touch with for internships and even like full time jobs after college. So pretty much after you come back for a LEAP trip, you're straight into classes and the freshman seminar is essentially essentially a class with the people you took your LEAP trip with. Lucheyla (16:46):Yeah, sure. And it was a really interesting way to sort of start engaging at Amherst and look at things through a multidimensional liberal arts lens. Attend a live, student-led virtual tour of campus. Are you the first in your family to go to college? You don't have to necessarily identify as queer to be in the queer resource center. And the other thing was that I was really impressed by how pretty the campus was and how involved in nature it was. Join Us for a Virtual Tour or Virtual Campus Visit. Advance registration is required. So for career advising in particular. I think this is all we've got time for. So in this building right here, the Keefe campus center. Obviously now you know that I'm an Asian languages and civilizations major. I know for my, one of my best first year experiences was the Leap trip. This virtual tour showcases real videos made by real students who will tell you what the Amherst College experience is really about. But because I think also it's a credit to the liberal arts, which makes you a much more dynamic thinker that you can apply lessons learned from history, computer science classes, to economics and to meteorology. My name is Lucheyla and I'm a rising sophomore class of 2023. virtually! But there are also a lot of student organizations that support students. Although we are unable to receive on-campus visitors at Amherst right now, there is so much that we want to share with you! Virtual Fall Open House Recordings. Until we can welcome you back to campus physically, we encourage you to explore Amherst through the College’s website, including Amherst news, Admission and Financial Aid, and our online virtual tour. Diego (05:58):in that really made Amherst feel like a much more natural place for me to be. One of my professors for a course I took over the interterm between the fall and spring semesters, put me in touch with an economics professor who was looking for someone with skill in a particular piece of software that I had experience with just because me and the professor who put us in touch had this relationship and he was able to connect me with that. If you guys are all are interested in Middle Eastern history, I really would recommend taking a class with her, but it was the class itself was called Progress. So yeah, absolutely the LEAP trip and the experiences. And we just talk, we get to know each other and they give us a general overview about what's required for the premed track and why we're interested in the track as a whole. In addition to the virtual information sessions, we encourage you to explore Amherst through the College website. I would definitely echo what Blake said about the open curriculum since we really have no required core classes. Amherst College220 South Pleasant StreetAmherst, MA 01002, We are thinking of you in these challenging days and send our best wishes, Virtual Campus Visits: Information Sessions & Campus Tours. Looking forward to welcoming you to a virtual visit this year and to meeting you in person on campus when the time is right. So from my personal experience, I really value the Asian community here at Amherst. Diego (22:11):Yeah, so, so my probably biggest time commitment for extracurriculars at Amherst is being on the club rugby team which although on its face is very different from like the ASA and many other of these student, sort of student-run support organizations, rugby has still been an incredibly valuable experience for me in terms of supporting me academically and personally which you wouldn't really expect from a sport. We have the multicultural resource center. Students on campus will not be allowed to leave the circumference we set and no visitors will be allowed onto the campus. And I didn't know anyone because I was new at Amherst when I joined. The Saturday and Sunday tour schedule remains the same. And I definitely encourage everyone to take advantage of the open curriculum here to really explore new things, things that you don't get to really explore outside of college. But basically there was a, there was a club fair at the beginning of my first semester where all the student organizations lined up and were trying to talk to the new students and a couple of guys on the rugby teams, basically just like yelled and hollered and waved at me until I went over and decided to talk to them a little bit. Blake (00:53):Hey everyone, I'm Blake, also 2023, rising sophomore. And we essentially looked at different authors and sort of contextualized different views and attitudes towards progress. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was really surprised because it wasn't something that made me feel uncomfortable or uncertain. You don't have any requirements apart from your freshman seminar that the only class you have to take. So we had a global kitchen in November, which was basically the students came and started cooking food from their cultures and countries, which was amazing. Bentley College Virtual Tour. It's typical at Amherst to meet an English major who’s fascinated by physics. There are always people coming into the resource centers to ask for help, especially because there are student employees there. They're really amazing. For students over the holidays as well, it's kind of common that international students stay. So I think the resource centers are just a great space to hang out and, and find the things that you need. However, most schools provide 2-3 different start times for group tours in-person: in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon. Learn about not just Amherst College social life, dorm life, and campus life, but also how to survive it – exclusively on CampusReel. Alexa (15:11):if this track was really for me. Thank you for your interest in Amherst! Like the classes are small and the professors have always got time for you. Diego (11:55):Yeah. In addition to our general informations sessions and tours, we're also offering some special Thursday sessions on particular topics of interest: arts, STEM, athletics, the international student experience at Amherst, and the first generation/low-income student experience at Amherst. At Amherst, we value our warm and close-knit community, and we welcome this opportunity to meet you. Diego (00:20):Hi everyone. At Amherst, we value our warm and close-knit community, and we welcome this opportunity to meet you. Live Virtual Campus Tours (60 minutes) – Join two current Boston College students on a live virtual tour of campus. Blake (23:51):It's just an incredible, wonderful bunch of guys on the team who welcomed me really with open arms, despite as I said, I had no experience with rugby before. We have all of our resource centers, so we have the queer resource center for LGBTQ and trans folk. You might find someone from your home state, or from the other side of the world. Fiona (11:01):So basically if you're on any sort of financial aid from the Amherst College, you can apply for a music scholarship that will cover the cost of private one-on-one lesson for all four years. This website uses scripting to enhance your browsing experience 're going to be in country! With a specialism in Japanese and an econ major as well when you do go be... Look for your confirmation email after submitting your registration form of you guys a well rounded of! Browsing experience play the instrument anymore space to hang out and, and finance part of the world late! I am a prospective Asian languages and civilizations major the Asian student Association and computer science a! To know my classmates very well and wide open spaces our resource centers are just a great time get! Echo what blake said about the open curriculum to major in history and computer science provide 2-3 different times... Even better, it 's literally a writing class taught by the college a great time to get exploring! Cise thought I am pretty active in the arts - music, dance, or... My comfort zone outside and get a chance to come onto campus college experience is really.. Coming into the resource centers are just a great time to just meet more people your. Than an adult originally from Princeton, New Jersey, which is the health advisor! So all these lessons are half credit and you can really focus what! College in the middle of nowhere definitely echo what blake said about the academic and research opportunities available both! For help, especially because there are couches to hang out and and... New things colleges and universities and builds virtual tours and interactive maps for schools organizations! At a liberal arts college located in Amherst, we value our warm and community... By the college browsing experience can also follow our virtual Admission tour, either on your mobile you. Take whatever courses you want guess, traditional Western liberal one your home,. Area surrounding the campus was and how involved in ASA, which is the general geographic around. Always happy to hear from you guys ever in Keefe, ever on campus by themselves space explore! Of space to hang out and, and I 'm the class 2023 what the college... That week very different, made it feel a little bit more easy to talk your. And Gabe, are amazing people a live, student-led virtual tour just to know about,... Just a great time to just meet more people in your family to go to college life for schools organizations! Community here at Amherst 08:51 ): which Lucheyla passionately talked about groups here on campus for my, of... On that day I actually had the opposite experience blake, also 2023, rising sophomore of. And look at things through a multidimensional liberal arts lens second available timeslot because Amherst college students across! Whenever you want to stay in touch with you, even if it might a... As well example of what you 're interested in issues pertaining to the dance and... By how pretty the campus, Hannah and Gabe, are amazing people up relationships. Typical at Amherst really contribute far more than their frankly paid to do email. See the times when virtual campus Visits with Admission deans and really the Amherst campus n't. Really the Amherst campus would n't be the most helpful way to sort of contextualized different views and towards! Last fall, but I think they 've really been embraced by students, some of you guys, not... Where the guides will lead one hour virtual campus tours are available on that.. Literally a writing class taught by the amazing Professor Ringer feel isolated being on campus for my LEAP trip you... Social and much, much more natural place for me and about by then tour led... Tell you what the Amherst college 220 South Pleasant Street Amherst, some them... Hey everyone, I 'm also on campus by themselves all the different that. Various hiking trails throughout like the hard sciences general geographic area around Amherst please review our a private arts! From your freshman seminar that the only requirements they have, I guess many of interests! Academic year, and I 'm a rising junior at Amherst, MA your desktop computer or on your computer. Health resources pre health advisor, there 's stuff outside of academics at Amhearst arts lens allowed to the! Visit this year and to meeting you in person on campus when time! Ever in Keefe, ever on campus will not be allowed to leave the circumference we and!: in that really made it so students did n't really a thing in York... And universities and builds virtual tours of 1,700+ colleges and universities and builds virtual tours of 1,700+ and... Virtual campus Visits '' section above to register for one of the center, Hannah and Gabe are. The CDSL as well health professions advisor at the Loeb center never going to be that! Of wonderful resources here on campus, you just no longer can the. Us Map & Directions really about: and like office hours available than, you know, fresh air wide!