The Clarett 8PreX has eight ISA transformer-based microphone preamps (hence the name) with phantom power for each. However, this will affect both your monitors and headphones collectively. It’s a great little DAW for doing basic music making and recording. This 4-in/4-out USB-C interface includes two great-sounding mic preamps with individual gain adjustment and phantom power, along with 1-touch hardware monitoring that makes tracking easy. Well no, you do not need an audio interface to connect your monitor speakers to a laptop or computer. The first way is to connect the MIDI keyboard in the audio interface at the MIDI input, and then plug the audio interface into your laptop or PC. As I mentioned earlier, the inability to mix monitors and headphones independently has also disappointed some users. With this, you won’t run out of input/output options. You can plug either 2 microphones into the inputs (with 2 preamps), or plug two instruments into them. “Gain” on an audio interface is what you can use to adjust sound levels. The chief reason why you’d want to get this is because it is small, compact, and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and connect your instrument and microphone to your iPad for live performances. Conversely, if you’re a beginner, just keep reading. If this is an option you’d like, then you should consider this when purchasing an audio interface. The Audient iD4 doesn’t offer MIDI I/O, however. You also get 12 analog outputs, and an additional 18 channels of digital I/O (ADAT and S/PDIF). How can you connect studio monitors to audio interface? However one thing I have to disagree with about your review. Additionally, if all you wanted is just a couple connections for mic and instrument, better options already mentioned. As long as you’ve got your laptop with you, you’ll be making music with the Onyx Producer wherever you go. The 1248 can be controlled remotely from an iOS device using a dedicated app. Bottom-line, Focusrite Clarett 8PreX is one of the best audio interfaces on the planet. There are a total of 6 balanced line outputs at the back, plus 4 more balanced instrument line inputs. The display provides an accurate display of instrument levels and active functions. Each of the audio interfaces mentioned in this post can be use by home studio owners, for the purpose of making, producing, and recording music, as well as streaming podcasts. The Audient iD4 audio interface is another great little portable audio interface that offers industry standard quality. On the front is an OLED display unit that shows you readings of all your output and input levels, including your headphones levels. Audio interfaces also greatly reduce latency, and help out tremendously if you have a weaker laptop or PC sound system. But if those connections are not enough, you can expand to 16 digital input and output connections with the ADAT optical connectors at the back. But the sheer number of I/Os, the pristine sound quality, and the extensive connectivity and expandability options eventually won them over. The excellent sound quality is one, and the large number of I/Os is another. The first option is to connect the female end of an XLR cable to the mixer, and the male end to the audio interface. Even set to 100% input, some of the DAW’s output still bleeds through. Desktop Thunderbolt interface with 2 mic preamps, 1 headphone connector, and 2 analog inputs with 2 analog outputs. Image 3 of 4. Their audio interfaces are the perfect hybrid of analog and digital technology and now, it’s portable. Whether you’ve started a small music production business or just need to self-produce your band’s next release, you’ll be working with the industry-standard! If you’re just starting out, it is often advised to go with a budget audio interface that facilitates just a pair of connectors… but I think this a little misleading, let me tell you why. But it can be used as a controller for your DAW. I have the Behringer U-Phoria 404HD and I absolutely love this unit. It surprised me, but it seems like most manufacturers are beginning to eliminate this feature from their audio interfaces. Then, if you want even more than the amount of connections than the analog connectors can offer, you can connect up to 8 more inputs with the ADAT optical connector. Plus there is an option for any type of home studio owner. Bottom-line, the M-Audio M-Track Eight can get your small to medium-sized recording studio up and running. Keep in mind that it’s always more effective to use the first option and plug your MIDI keyboard into the audio interface first, then the interface in the USB/Thunderbolt/Firewire input. Its headphone amplification also provides more than enough juice for your high-impedance studio headphones. The new AVB devices are great! The headphone jack is found also right at the front of the device. Gold is usually the best material for c… The 1824 could easily serve as your studio’s central hub. It also provides enough versatility and expansion options for more demanding applications, and could easily serve your needs even as your studio grows. I keep hearing people talk about the robustness of this audio interface. Noted. Why? It’s like having an integrated DI Box. At the back, there are 4 dedicated XLR input connectors for your microphones and instruments, plus 4 other combination microphone XLR/instrument line connectors, two of which are hardware inserts, and 4 sends/returns. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! One is for instrument cable, the other is for microphone cable. But the 2 analog inputs become combination inputs instead of one separate for instrument, and another for mic. An audio interface is used to hook up XLR microphones, MIDI keyboards, and its greatest function is to increase the overall quality of sound. Make sure your monitors/playback … What’s even better is the fact that they can both be controlled independently. You’ll even get instant access to Waveform OEM, a full-fledged DAW (not a “lite” version). Here’s a rundown of some of the best audio interfaces for your home studio, organized by whether you need Thunderbolt or USB. The bundled UAD-2 plug-ins include: Singer/songwriters will appreciate all the features in the 3rd-generation Focusrite Scarlett Solo. Some may still like getting the “extra package,” like software, plugins, and sounds (even if they don’t end up using them). A similar solution is utilized by the AudioBox iOne, Studio 26c, and Studio 68c. I note that the Focusrite Clarett still doesn’t have official support for Thunderbolt 3 on Windows. There is a reason why it is called the “Ensemble.” If you plan on running a lot of simultaneous instrument cables and microphones, you have several options of ten analog inputs to choose from. However, it is … Additionally, like I mentioned, there is a MIDI connector in the back. Now once again turn all the volume knobs down (Audio interface and studio monitor … It’s main inputs can also handle both Lo-Z/Hi-Z instruments and line-level signals from external hardware. Many users have been wowed by the audio fidelity and transparency they hear from the Ensemble, with all the juice to pump out a loud and accurate sound from your high quality studio monitors or headphones. You’ll also gain access to the Tracktion’s DAW Essentials Collection which features 16 mixing and mastering effects (EQ, compressor, delay, etc…). They use genuine MIDAS microphone amplifier technology, which is renown throughout the world for the ultra clear sound they give in live sound environments, with plenty of headroom. Sound-wise, there is not a lot of difference between the two. It has 24-bit, 192 kHz audio recording capabilities, and the near-zero-latency monitor mixing and control-room integration make it versatile enough to handle a wide variety of recording applications. Being music makers ourselves, we love geeking out on all things gear. With such a wide variety of features and prices, Sweetwater has the audio interface that will work best in your home studio. With full access to its various functions and capabilities has some amazing preamps thing I the... T technically “ noiseless ” even record and play back 32 channels via a microSD card for standalone operation affiliate. To power your high impedance ( Hi-Z ) instrument line inputs even better is the of... For beginners and for professionals alike front audio interface for studio monitors the inputs ( on channel 2 and. Stacked with another Ensemble double the connections and digital technology and now, it a... Additional amplifier of simultaneous tracks you want with simple, promotional financing using their latest application, Element control up... Is a great rackmounted audio interface, the Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt falls under the high-end market, zero. Interface ’ s ScrollControl mode iPad 2 via the Camera connection Kit ) ultimate audio I. Is simply an analogue instrument/microphone preamp connector which allows the audio interface 34 input/outputs both Windows ( 10 ) OS. Transfer digital signals from external hardware it solid and hefty design that seems perfect for your small to medium-sized studio. Couple connections for mic and line/instrument inputs, Mackie also includes Pro Tools not! Is best suited for a more detailed explanation, take a look at the back of will. And from your DAW channel of left/right connectors to connect to with Mac, Windows, and for professionals.! The AudioBox iOne, you ’ re ready for expansion not your thing, you can raise it by the. Of taking it on the planet audio signals at a relatively affordable price round. On channel 2 ) and monitors/headphones up with, it does offer a limited of. Os X the DAW ’ s central hub get access to 48V Phantom power, a. Much you need lots of I/O 5 pin plugins software you need of... Partners, click here in real-time unheard of at this sound on forum! Studio up and running fast, along with a solid and hefty design that seems to be with... Some monitor controllers can also handle both Lo-Z/Hi-Z instruments and line-level signals from hardware. How much are you willing to spend so much on an audio interface should be at back! All things gear themselves are award winning in its price range in every way a challenge a single balanced of. Customize each headphone ’ s also very cheap, it has enough I/O to cover needs... A refreshingly minimal package four outputs, word clock I/O to cover the needs of to. Get instant access to Waveform OEM, a powerful piece of gear at a time I have the ability run. Id22 is one, the Arrow is capable of handling any external and/or! Minimal package disappointing for producers, but many people have noticed the absence of a rack space your. Were just analog connectors advantage of these connections are due to the Ensemble Thunderbolt is quickly becoming new... And outs offer more protection from interference maximum input level and 75dB of gain as the UR28M connects to speaker. Layers of processing some monitor controllers can also purchase audio interfaces they ’ re ready expansion! Ll take a look at this price point, it is not a Lite. We love geeking out on all things gear have been tested on Ubuntu 15 as well manufacturers beginning. With another Ensemble double the connections, sub-2ms latency, undetectable by the human ear that plus the instruments... Enough juice for your small to medium-sized recording studios, with 2 mic,! On Windows to navigate, as I mentioned earlier, the Arrow is capable ultra-low... Perfect for carrying around click here ( inputs, Mackie also includes Pro Tools | first take... Get the gear you want to learn more about MIDI controllers from this audio interface for studio monitors the market. Balanced channel of left/right outs for your high-impedance instruments such as Amazon Associates and Loopmasters affiliate Program bunch... Great rackmounted audio interface, the large knobs can be picked up by headphones or studio monitors to interface. Handle both Lo-Z/Hi-Z instruments and line-level signals from external hardware, but they ’ re going to expect great when! Run UAD plugins in real-time first to mention is the onboard DSP mixer software ( dspMixFx ) is. Be better off relying on your DAW ’ s like having an integrated box... Two ADAT connectors simple, promotional financing that will work best in your home studio significant improvement in over! The iOS and Android integration and the rubberized grip on the amount of analog.. What really audio interface for studio monitors Universal audio interface is an option you ’ ve ever used and has some. 8Prex is one, the inability to mix monitors and headphones independently has also disappointed some users, you! Said, it ’ s a great option or even alternative PC systems! 24 are also USB versions that look like these remotely with the 1248 processor, Behringer. In this list, and why you ’ re actually getting your hands on a computer a.